XMPP means Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, XMPP is an XML technology which is used in instantaneous communication. Below are the uses of XMPP.

·Instant messaging – This tool enables both multi-party and one on one messaging, allowed push notifications and also gives a contact list. This property has helped developers to create new programs in a secure manner.

·Internet of things – this is the result of connecting things to the internet. These things are not controlled by humans but the internet.

·Gaming online – many game invitations and online game chats have adopted XMPP for accurate signaling. Some include; league of legends, eve online, star trek online and more others.

·Social service – messaging property of XMPP can be advanced to create social apps and cluster sharing. Google is a good example that uses XMPP for social purpose.

·WebRTC – it provides phone applications and internet browsers with instant communication. Enables video and audio call as well as group chats.

XMPP facilitates many applications such as concurrent messaging, manifestation and cooperation therefore highly recommended.

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