Full form of WIFI is Wireless Fidelity. Wireless means without any wire or cable and fidelity means trust or belief (a wireless network that can be trusted).

What is the use of wifi ?

Wifi is a wireless network and it’s used to connect internet. It’s a local network. It means that this network can be used within a certain area.

Why do you need a wifi?

There was a time when cables or wires were primary requirement to get the internet. But time has changed now. With the help of a wi-fi connection, many devices can be run.

At home or at office multiple computers, laptops, mobiles and many other gadgets can be run on an wifi network.

Wifi gives you a private network and you can encrypt it.

As there is no wire , so there is no hassle to connect.

How to use a wifi?

A wifi router can be run in two ways. The first one requires a primary device and the router depends on that device. The second one is independent just like a smart phone. It has it’s own network.

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