Full form of VIRUS means Vital Information Resources Under Seize, A virus is a malicious program or software which is designed to interfere with the normal functioning of a computer together with its files. It spreads itself into executable code or documents.

The virus is characterized by hundreds of types in relation to how it affects the system. The virus can be transmitted through email when opening an attachment, checking on an infected website, through network connections, sharing of floppy and compact disks, or even opening an advertisement that has a virus.

This computer virus can be used in various ways like to infect computers vulnerable systems in order to make them not function well, in situations where one want to access to the user’s sensitive information, to gain the admin’s control or when hackers coming up computer virus with mischievous intention of duping the unsuspecting online users.

Computer users should always be keen in order to prevent the invention of the virus in their computers as this could cause problems.

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