Univac in short means Universal Automatic Computer, Univac is a series of digital electronic computer programs. It was first in use with products from a Computer Corporation known as Eckert–Mauchly. After some time the name was also used in a section of a computer company known as Remington Rand company henceforth by other successor organizations.

Univac History.

It was initially assigned to be used by the census bureau which funded much of the investment before it officially went into production. The 1951 Univac I mainframe was the most famous product after it predicted the presidential election results in the US the succeeding year. The Univac presidential prediction was remarkable in that the computer predicted the overthrow of sitting president when all legendary interviewers were of the Elayhower.

Since Remington Rand, a computer corporation had own computer lab in Norwalk, acquired the engineering researchers association in St. Petersburg. In 1953, Remington Rand acquired Univac information technology department and the Norwalk tabulating machine science department, the engineering research association under the brand name Univac.

Remington Rand in 1955, united with Corporation known as Sperry to form a single corporation known as Sperry Rand. At the same time, Univan information department in the Remington Rand was renamed Sperry Rand Univac.

The company new director in Univac was the former general D. MacArthur. It became one of the largest computing companies in the USA by around 1960 under the name IBM a play about the company supremacy that showed as the snow white and the other as small seven dwarfs. In 1970, RCA was sold to sold Univac, a seven-dwarf analogy became less relevant.

To improve the Univac corporate brand name, the name changed to Sperry Univac among others. In 1978 Sperry Univac, a multidisciplinary conglomerate decided to focus only on its IT interests and all irrelevant departments were sold. The Univac corporation removed the name Rand from the title and returned to Sperry Univac Corporation.

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