UML is an acronym of Unified Modeling Language. Uml is a standard modeling language that is used for development, modeling of language/businesses and software applications in the field of software engineering.

It enables one to create a number of models such as the models having an understanding of business process.

There are goals, a number of them for developing UML the most important being to define general purpose of modeling language which is usable by all modelers and simple to understand.

The UML diagrams are not just made for developers alone, but for also common people, business users as well anyone one that is interested in understanding the system.

Uses of UML

It can also be used to model a system that is independent of a platform language.

It is a graphical language that visualizes, specifies, construct and documents information about software intensive system.

UML can be used in developing diagrams and to provide a user as well with ready to use, modeling examples which are expressive enough. Some of the UML tools have the ability to generate language code from the UML
It provides a standard way for writing a system model as it covers conceptual ideas.

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