Tls which is short for Transport Layer Security, is a security protocol that provides communication security over computer networks. It provides data security between client and server applications. TLS has two sub-protocols namely: Handshake and Record protocols.

Handshake protocol enables authentication (including selection of an encryption algorithm) between the server and client before data is sent. Record protocol works hand in hand with TCP protocol in securing the connection that has been created.

What is TLS used for?

TLS is primarily used in securing communication between the server and web application e.g when a web browser is loading a website. It can also be used in securing communications that involve messaging or emailing.

It’s becoming a standard practice to protect HTTPS with TLS security. Web browsers have started cracking down sites with no https icon, an important step in alerting internet users of suspicious sites.

Therefore, Transport Layer Security helps in protection of web applications from data breaches and DDoS attacks that occur when multiple systems get compromised.

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