TFT means Thin Film Transistor, Changes in technology have seen the development and adoption of Thin Film Transistor in different areas. This’s a common computer term that is majorly used to improve the quality of images within the LCD as each pixel on the screen has a transistor when using TFT.

It’s unique on how the images are formed as the electric current are turned on and off to illuminate quality display at a faster rate.

The use of technology that is displayed by TFT makes every moment that requires quality, bright and smooth images on motions very easy. Active-matrix that has been used by liquid-crystal makes them a better option to use as compared to passive-matrix when considering display.

In most cases where TFT are used, they are referred to as the flat screen following their flat nature. Some of the devices that have adopted the use of technology include; phone, TV sets, computer monitors, video games and navigation systems.

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