SRAM is known in another word as static random access memory, which works in retaining memory data bits provided the power has been supplied. SRAM is not refreshed periodically unlike the Dynamic RAM which is refreshed after some periods. Static RAM can offer faster data access, and this makes it expensive when compared to DRAM. The Static RAM is used in the cache memory of the computer and also on video card due to its random access memory converter of digital to analog.

How SRAM Works

The technology used for static RAM is very different where a flip-flop holds every memory bit which takes six or four transistors together with various wiring, but it doesn’t need to be refreshed. It hence makes the static RAM to be faster compared to DRAM, and since its parts are many, the cells take static RAM to some more space on the chip compared to the dynamic RAM cell. It gives you less memory in a chip which makes the SRAM to be more expensive. It is then used in creating CPU speed-sensitive cache.

It has a desktop memory chip that is originally using the pin configuration which is DIP (Dual Inline Package) which can be soldered in holes on the motherboard of the computer or may be plugged in the socket that has been soldered on its motherboard. The method was very fine when computers were operating on some megabytes which had less RAM, but when there was demand for memory, there increased the chips that needed space.

The only solution was placing memory chips together with some support components on separate PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which will be plugged on the special connector that on the motherboard, maybe a memory bank. Most chips use small J-lead outline pin configuration, whereas few producers use small thin outline package configuration. The original and newer pin types have got the main difference which is a small thin outline, and J-lead outline is mounted on the surface of the PCB. In short, the pins are directly soldered on the board surface, but they aren’t inserted on the sockets or holes.

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