SQL means Structured Query Language. it is a programming language, that is capable of accessing and can also manipulate data in relational database management systems.

This programming language was created by International Business Machine, commonly known as IBM in the 1970’s. After some years SQL became standardized by American National Standards Institute and also International Organization for Standardization.

SQL is used to create, modify or delete database objects. These tasks can be achieved by using the CREATE, ALTER and DROP SQL keyword, the combination of these SQL keywords are part of DDL (Data Definition Language).

SQL commands and queries can also be used to retrieve data from a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS is a system that is used to keep and manage data, these data is stored in objects called tables).

This is attained by using SELECT SQL keyword, this keyword is part of DQL (Data Query Language). it is important to know that you can also control database objects privileges, using GRANT and REVOKE keywords.

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