SLR is a short form for single lens reflex. It is a term used in photography. It is always associated with digital cameras. SLR cameras use a mirror that is either between the film and the lens, or the image sensor, to offer a focus screen. This implies that the image you see in the LCD or the viewfinder will be similar to what appears as either your digital image or on the film.

Uses of single lens reflex in cameras

This digital camera exhibits unique features in its lenses and body parts. It has a wide range of functions in cameras that are not limited to the following.

  • Used in high quality (digital) camera: Provides clear shooting and images of high quality.
  • Uses an automatic mirror and prism system: Allows photographers to view exactly what will be captured by the digital imaging system or the film.

Note that, SLR (single lens reflex) is normally referred to as DSLR (Digital single lens reflex) camera and its main advantage is that its lenses can be changed to obtain desired images.

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