RSS means Really Simple Syndication and is a web feed type, which traces its original name to RDF site summary. It can also stand for the Rich Site Summary (RSS). Rich Site Syndication allows users to get access to online contents updates in a computer /standardized readable manner.

Users have the mandate to follow a variety of websites in one news aggregator. It’s actually the best standard for web content syndication and plays a role to distribute the contents in the XML format.

The RSS idea traces its earliest development to early 1995 when the Meta content framework was developed by the experts at Apple Computers Advanced Technology Group led by Ramanathan v.Guha.

How RSS works

The website author using the RSS has to keep a record of the notifications (RSS feeds) on the website in a standardized way. This will make it easier to keep check of the headlines by simply accessing this RSS feeds.

This is simplified by the computer program called RSS Aggregator that has an automatic access to RSS feeds of the websites you might be interested in. it also helps you organize this results for your easy accessibility.
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