RAM means Random access memory and is hardware in a computing device that stores information that can be retrieved easily. The operating system (OS), data in current use and application programs are kept in RAM for quick reach by the devices’ processor.

What RAM is used for

RAM is a volatile memory and only stores data as long as the computer system is on, unlike the hard drive or ROM. RAM does not store permanent data. It can be likened to the short memory of a person.

Short memory focuses on immediate work and can only keep limited facts. RAM’s volatility makes it perfect for handling multitude of tasks the system throws at it.

It is the main memory in computers hence faster to read from or write to compared to other types of storage such as Solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs).

RAM needs to be sufficient for the system to be faster in performance. RAM is therefore an important component in computing devices-its absence would make the system to be super slow.

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