Radar Full Form

Radar is a form of technology that was developed so that it could secretly be used by the military. In the early years of 1949s, the United States Navy coined the word ā€œradarā€ as an acronym to stand for Radio Detection and Ranging (RADAR). Thus, radar was then used help the army detect enemiesā€™ aircraft, especially during the first world war.

Today, radar is widely being used in almost everything from weather forecasting to speed detectors for police officers. They use ultra-high frequency waves to electronically detect the range as well as the direction of any moving objects.

Radar works with a concept of the reflection of light. Basically, when light reflects in objects, we are able to see the objects with our eyes and similarly, when radio waves/beams are transmitted or reflected by an object, a signal is sent out that helps in reflecting of beams of any objects along the similar path. Simply said, radar uses a similar communication that bats use when they fly at night or in the dark.

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