PROM stands for Programmable read only memory. It is a type of read only memory which has the capability to enable the client to pick the information or program to put onto the memory. The memory chip is conveyed clearly, and the software engineer exchanges the information onto it. When the information is exchanged, it can’t be changed or eradicated. To completely comprehend the contrast among programmable and standard read just memory, it’s imperative to comprehend the idea driving read just memory first.

ROM which stands for read only memory has information put away on it amid the assembling procedure. This information is lasting and can’t be modified or erased. ROM is regular in PCs. It might hold a program the PC needs to work. At the point when the PC is killed, the ROM still holds every one of the information put away on it and isn’t deleted.

PROM chips have a few unique applications, including mobile phones, computer game consoles, RFID labels, restorative gadgets, and different hardware. They give a basic method for programming electronic gadgets.

Standard PROM must be modified once. This is on the grounds that PROM chips are produced with a progression of circuits. The chip is customized by consuming breakers, which is an irreversible procedure. The open breakers are perused as ones, while the consumed wires are perused as zeros. By consuming explicit circuits, a double example of zeros is engraved on the chip. This example speaks to the program connected to the ROM.

While PROM can’t be deleted, two different renditions of PROM that have been built up which can be eradicated and reinvented. One sort known as EPROM which is Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. This sort of memory which uses coasting door transistors and may be deleted by solid bright light.

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