The computer is the most sophisticated and useful creation of mankind. Its usage goes so deep into our heart that we can’t even think of life without it. It plays lots of vital role into our lives such as a friend, a business partner, best entertainer, and so on. As it has become part and partial of our life, there are some useful tricks and tips, which make its usage more friendly and easy.

Trick to boot computer faster:

Click on the start button having the windows logo on it.
Type ‘run’ in the search box, and then press Enter.
Type ‘msconfig’ in the run dialogue box and then press Enter.
Go to startup tab in the resultant window that gets opened.
Uncheck all the unnecessary program boxes except antivirus that get opens along with computer during start up.
Click on apply and save changes.
Restart your computer and enjoy.

Scroll wheel as the third button of mouse:

scroll wheel can be used as the third button of mouse and steps to do so are as follows,
Click the wheel on any link to open a web page in a tab. This button can also be used to close a tab by clicking the wheel.
By holding down the ctrl key and scrolling the wheel in the upward direction you can zoom in the web page and vice versa.

Trick to confirm your antivirus status:

your antivirus status, whether it’s properly working or not, can be easily confirmed by following the steps mentioned below,
Open the notepad and type the below code.
Save this file with any name having the extension of .exe.
If your antivirus is working properly, this will detect the file and will try to remove it.
If it doesn’t happen, make a point that your antivirus is not working properly.

Trick to make a diary with auto date and time:

The trick to making dairy which automatically inserts date and time are as follows,
Open the notepad.
Type (.LOG) having no brackets.
Save this file with any name.
Reopen the file and see the magic there.
You will watch that current date and time is automatically inserted there.
This will happen every time, as you will open the selected notepad file.

Trick to rename more file with a single hit:

This trick is to rename more than one file with a single hit. The steps to do so are as follows,
Open the folder containing all the files.
Press CTRL+A to select the entire file or press and hold CTRL key and select the files that you want to rename.
Open file menu and click rename or right click on any selected file and click rename.
Now type the new name you want and then press enter.
Type the first name, suppose ‘my’ and rest will name as my1, my2 and so on.

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