Mp3 abbreviated as MPEG audio layer 3 is a format of digital audio programming which incorporates some form of loss of data firmness. Meaning that the original bits are not fabricated from the compressed bits consequently decreasing the size of an audio file on a compact disk(CD).

Despite its compressed size it still sounds like the original audio to the listener. The most common bit rate of Mp3 audio is 256 kbs per second.

Mp3 technology has become so much popular since the release of the first Mp3 audio file in 1993 by Moving pictures expert group who owns the patent to this technology.

What an Mp3 is used for

It is the most popular format used to transfer digital audio files for playback across the world; it has become the acceptable format in which audio files can be uploaded and downloaded from the internet. In addition to this Mp3 technology allows the user to transfer audio files without first listening to them.

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