The full form of MMS is therefore found from the full definition of the abbreviation Multimedia Messaging Service which indicates that it’s a special type of sending a message.

With phone technology advancing every day, more needs have been developed for different phone users to communicate through a combination of text, pictures, and videos. This, therefore, led to the birth of MMS which is a mobile service that supports the sending of multimedia messages.

The Multimedia Messaging Service extension works in a special way enabling users to send and receive messages from a different phone that support it. Though the mode of communication seen in the technique is complicated and different from the normal SMS delivery, the use of MMS has been widely adopted especially by the media industry.

The controlling point is hosted by the service provider that offers the cellular services. Any message sent via MMS goes through a central server before it’s delivered to the right destination without and distortion. Following the complex nature of the transmission of images and video messages, the receiving phone must be on before the server can deliver the MMS.

The central server, therefore, has a delay technique that is applied when the receiving phone is off and the MMS has to wait until the recipient is switched on. Most of the phones in the market today fully support MMS and can automatically be used even without extra support as it’s perfectly integrated with normal SMS.

The phone, therefore, takes full control of when to send a communication as SMS or MMS depending on the content of the message. A message with a combination of text and images or videos will automatically be sent as an MMS while a text-only message will be sent as an SMS. The technique is two way and the receiving phone also has the intelligence to tell when to receive a message as an SMS or MMS hence limiting of the damage of files. Phones that don’t support MMS send such messages with a URL via SMS and can only be viewed through web browser once you connect to the internet.

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