The full form of mcb means Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are over-current protection devices typically found in domestic and commercial consumer units. They are designed to perform the same work as the fuses, that is to say, to cut the power supply in case of prolonged or excessive overload.

Electrical switches that automatically turn off electrical power when a problem is detected in an electrical circuit are called circuit breakers. Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) are typically used in many electrical units of small industrial buildings, commercial premises and domestic residences.

These MCBs control and protect the electricity supply of various electrical circuits within these buildings. They protect electrical circuitry from the danger of overcurrent damage when they have to develop.

Where are the mini breakers and how do they work?

A miniature circuit breaker rail is a wide metal rail with a hat-shaped cross-section where the circuit breakers are mounted. Although the standard size for a din rail is typically 35 mm, the miniature version measures 15 mm by 5.5 mm and the largest measurement up to 75 mm wide.

MCBs are often single pole circuit breakers designed to be installed in a metal cabinet that houses a lot of them in one place. Usually, a movable handle comes out of the housing in one of three positions: on, off or tripped.

Whether manually or automatically, this handle or switch can be reset for normal electrical operations to resume, unlike fuses that are only good once and then need to be removed.

The tripping mechanism instantly responds to high overload electric currents with a magnetic trip and/or responds to continuous overcurrents at lower current levels, which don’t automatically trip the circuit breaker but can damage the system if they persist.

It works in the same way as the surge protector, with a thermal trip capability. An example of these persistent but low-level overcurrents is when the power supply blinks during a thunderstorm. In both cases, when a short circuit or overload is perceived, the circuit breaker “cuts” the current to protect the electrical system.

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