The full form of LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It is a lamp in the solid state and it is the most popular source of light used these days. led bulbs are found in several sizes from large to small. They give out a pretty high brightness and come with the ability to expand its light covering a larger area.

When a suitable electricity voltage is applied to the leads, electrons recombine with the electron holes discharge energy in form of photons. This outcome is known as electroluminescence. The LED lights color is determined by the gap in the energy band of the semiconductor.

LED has proven to be a radical product in the light source field. Its lamps are quite long lasting, economical and energy efficient. It is approximately 80 per cent energy efficient as compared to the fluorescent light sources and the conventional lighting bulbs.

There are several uses of LED including the following:

1. LED bulbs are very efficient in energy consumption and therefore it helps the person using it on large scale to save some money for other uses.this is the main reason why many people have adopted it.

2. LED has also come with anew color of light. For long, many people were really devastated by the use of bulbs that were usually yellow in color. Now with the introduction of the new lights, users can also utilize lights with a white color.

3. These lights are normally used as lights on decks, gardens, driveways, entryways, streets etc. This is because these places require quite huge amounts of light that spend low energy and only LED is able to meet this requirement comfortably.

4. These lights are also utilized as Christmas lights by many people. It is used for the decoration of the Christmas tree and having it look attractive because these bulbs are big in size.

5. They are the best lights to apply with a security device or a security is for this reason that these lights been adopted by several security agencies.

6. LED’s have also been utilized as party lights because they are also found in small size. The LED’s which are small-sized enable one to produce a high number of LED lights in a smaller package and this produces more light and cover tiny space and use little energy as well.

LED has several advantages which include the following:

1. It is energy efficient

LED needs very less power to operate. LED TVs, for example, are more energy efficient than LCD and CRT TVs. It reduces cooling loads since it does not produce heat. It also does not produce flickers and buzzing noises.

2. It is environmental friendly

LED contains no lead, cadmium or mercury. The intensified use of these lights will reduce carbon emissions into the environment.

3) Long span

LED is able to work for a long time with a low maintenance expense if properly installed.

4. Maintenance and recycling

The maintenance expense of LED is relatively low. It is also important to note that it is recyclable with low recycling charges.

5. Improved picture quality.

LED produces better image quality as compared to the LCD.
It allows for new sensors, video displays and texts to be created. It can also be of help in advanced communication technology as a result of their switching rates which are high.

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