JSF stands for JavaServer Faces. It is a Java standard technology for building web applications. JSF is used to develop tools that can reduce the codes of web-based Java applications. It gives a clear separation between presentation and behavior of web applications.

JavaServer Faces implements a clear-cut programming model with a rich API and tag libraries. The JSF application programming interface provides elements such as command button and input text.

It also administers data conversion, server-side validation, accessibility, page navigation, supports for internationalization etc. While the JSF tag libraries help to add elements on the web pages and attach these elements with objects on the server. Moreover, it includes tag handlers that creates the component tag.

JSF is a Extensible Markup Language document unlike HTML which is a hypertext markup language page. JSF components are supported by Java objects that are independent of the HTML and have the complete capabilities of Java. The main objective of the JSF framework is to encase technologies such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML to build web interfaces without using them individually.

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