ITES is an abbreviation for Information Technology Enabled Services. It serves a number of operations that use information technology to improve the operations of an organization.

It covers different areas in an organization including human resource, health, finance, administration, manufacturing, manpower, and telecommunications.

ITES are offered from remote locations and take advantage of technology and manpower. This leads to lower charges and better service standards. In summary, ITES full form is used for offering e-commerce solutions.

The main aim of IT-enabled services is to enable business strategy and to achieve the business goals of an organization. IT-enabled services are made of the following processes offered to the end users:

Back office operations. Telecommunication Services. Business Processing Outsourcing or BPO. Legal Process Outsourcing or LPO. Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Management of Logistics. Game Process Outsourcing. Data Entry Processing.

Enterprise resource planning. Application Development. IT Help Desk Services. Document Processing. Data Warehousing. Medical Transcription.
Many organizations turn to India and the Philippines for affordable and talented ITES workforce.

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