IT basically stands for information technology which is also known as information and communication technology (ICT).

Information Technology uses computer’s software and electronic computers to store, process, convert, protect, transmit as well as retrieving information or data securely which may be in form of text, sound, images, audio or any other form.

Computers and software play the role of managing and processing information.

Information Technology can also be viewed as a sector that specializes in computing, including hardware, software, telecommunications and anything else involved in the transmission of information.

Harvard Business Reviews coined the term information technology so as to bring a clear distinction between general-purpose computing machines which can be programmed to carry out various various tasks and purpose-built machines that are designed to perform a limited scope of functions.

Some of the important areas in Information Technology field include; software development, software design, web development, database design, information security among others as this sector is very broad.

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