IP is the short form for Internet Protocol. The internet protocol is a set of rules that enable data transmission over a network. This protocol governs the communication of devices through the internet.

For different devices to relay packets of data to other devices, they have to be identifiable. This identification is referred to as an IP address. This is a unique number that is attached to each device using the internet protocol to communicate with other devices.

Normally, the phrase IP address is used together with the internet protocol. The protocol’s main function is to ensure that machines on a network understand one language. This makes it easy for different machines to communicate.

It is also essential in standardizing how different machines on the internet forward data packets. The standardization is based on the IP address of each individual machine

Not only does IP address devices but it is also involved in routing data over the internet. This is made possible by using the IP together with TCP. TCP, Transmission Control Protocol, is a transport protocol that guarantees reliable data delivery. IP and TCP are therefore very essential in improving data connection reliability.

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