The full form of Internet is ‘international network

What’s the function of the Internet?

Internet is actually a medium to connect all the world virtually. Through the Internet you can send and receive files and do many types of virtual tasks.

Internet was invented in 1983. But, till 1990 the Internet was not entirely available for easy use. It was the invention of w.w.w or the world wide web that changed the use of the Internet.

How does Internet work?

Internet works through the IP address‘. IP address of a computer shows the destination. I.P or the Internet Protocol helps to reach the files from one computer to the other computer. Now, the time of file transfer depends on the speed of Internet.

There are optical fibers under the sea that allows the Internet to reach one country to the other. In some cases, the artificial satellites around our Earth help to connect the world.

The modern world runs on the Internet. Internet has made the world small. The modern world can’t even be imagined without the Internet.

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