To begin with, we can trace the history of newspapers back in the 17th century. However, they became common in the 19th century. The main reason behind the invention of newspapers was to spread valuable information. Since then newspapers have played a big role in the spreading of news across many parts of the world.

Today, a newspaper can be described as a printed paper that appears daily basis. A modern newspaper contains articles on several topics, advertisements, news, weather forecasting and sports section.

To be precise, we can say that newspapers act as a bridge between the government and the subjects. In the current world, many apart from a few read the newspaper for different reasons, just as we have seen that they are written for different reasons.

They keep the public in the clear on matters in the national government. It can as well be described as a channel for community opinion There are several facts that make the newspaper an efficient method of spreading news.

However, there are to major facts to look at when comparing the role played by the newspaper in spreading. They are commercial view and bcustomer view.

When looking at it from a consumer view, there are several
factors that we take into considerations. First, we can all conclude that newspapers are the cheapest form of receiving information.

They are mostly read by the most read by the middle and upper class and part of the lower class. The second factor to consider is that newspapers are convenient. They are less dependent on other factors.

You find that unlike other forms of mass media like the televisions, newspapers do not require electricity to spread information. They only need it one during publication. In fact, you only require light to read. Third, they are convenient. You can have them for as long as you prefer, you only need to store them safely.

Looking at it from a commercial point, we can further subdivide this point into two. They are the advertiser viewpoint and the public relation view.

However, they have the same reason which is to send the needed message to the audience. From an advertiser point, the newspaper is preferred to other forms of mass communication due to the fact that newspapers are the charge the cheapest when it comes to advertising.

Considering other facts that make the best mode of spreading the news to all of us, we can conclude that newspapers is able to deliver information
to a diverse audience.

We all know that not everyone owns a television set, a computer, a smartphone or electricity wired to their homes. This is where the newspaper serves the purpose. Another good example of a diverse audience is students. They can get to know what is happening in the outside world through this source.

We all see improvement in technology. The newspaper industry has not been left behind. They make news interesting by having editorial cartoons and pictures.

They help those who cannot read interpret a section of what is being said. No one can predict the future of the newspaper industry, we just read it.

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