IDE is short for (Interactive Development environment) is a software suite that gives computer programmers an all-inclusive facility to write and test software. During software development, programmers need various tools, which include code editor, libraries, compiler, debugger, and GUI (graphical user interface) builder.

An IDE, being both interactive and integrated, brings all tools together into a single application, framework or service. It’s designed to streamline software development and can recognize and minimize coding errors and typos.

Basically, an IDE consists of:

• Code editor – designed for writing and editing code.

• Compiler – transforms source code from high-level language to low-level language to create an executable program.

• Debugger – tests, identifies and removes errors from a program.

• GUI builder – allows for user interaction with computer programs.

An IDE saves time that would otherwise have been spent choosing what tools and facilities to use for different tasks, configuring the devices and figuring out how to use them. All the essential dev-test tools are incorporated into one IDE.

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