ICT means information communication and technology. ICT refers to any product that deals with electronic information. This can be hardware or software.

As a result, personal computers and e-mails fit the same term that electronic information processes, albeit in different ways. ICTs include products that store, receive, manipulate, transmit or receive digital information under the same umbrella.

Thus, we can consider this term as referring to everything that is related to computers and hardware, essentially everything that concerns digital information in any form.

This includes software that works both online and offline. Then use online programs and standalone software such as Word and PowerPoint. While the product processes digital information, it is believed to fall within the ICT bracket.

ICT is an integral part of our daily lives. We use computers and electronic information for various purposes: from organizing social events to our friends, to emails, to instant messaging, or to social networks to manage large companies. producing millions of pounds a year.

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