The full form of IC is integrated circuit.

What are the uses of I.C?

I.C is also called chip. This chip is made of silicon. It’s a semiconductor.

I.C has a wide variety of uses. In one word, it’s the soul of all electronic equipment.

From computers to a small remote, I.C is everywhere. It’s cheap and light weight. It draws a lower amount of energy to perform.

You can pro-gramme an immense circuit relying on the I.C. Many conductors, resistors, diodes and capacitors can be added to this I.C.

There are three types of I.C’s. Linear (I.C’s), Digital (I.C’s) and the general mixed (I.C’s).

From space craft to digital watch this chip can run anything. There was a time when circuit’s were too big to handle. This I.C has ended that headache. Now, with proper programming any circuit can be built and used.

I.C has presented us this modern world and it’ll help us to built an advanced future.

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