The abbreviation HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

Work Mechanism
It’s a type of technology that works to provide both vehicular and indoor comfort. Its work is based on this three mechanisms; fluid mechanism, transfer of heat and thermodynamics. HVAC regulates air exchange between the exterior and interior parts of a building.

Importance of HVAC
Saves money.
It prevents overheating of equipment thus saving money spent on electricity and cooling costs.
It prevents tear and wear thus saving money that would have been used in doing major repairing equipment.
It ensures optimal working conditions of all equipment
It improves productivity and effectiveness of machines improving overall work output.

Where it Can Be Used
HVAC is versatile technology and can be used in all kinds of house setups. It can be used in single unit homes, offices, small or large industries such as manufacturing companies, hospitals, large construction companies among others.

HVAC works on the mechanism that it’s better to prevent your equipment than having to deal with the actual downtime when a breakdown occurs.

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