HTML Full Form is a Hypertext Markup Language. The manner through which you browse the internet is defined by hypertext. Hyperlinks are special texts within the language that connect you between one page and the other.

The “hyper” part of it means that the relationship between the web pages is not linear. All you need to do when browsing the internet is to click whatever link you want and you can go to whatever site you want on the internet.

In HTML, the code used is commonly referred to as tag. HTML tags markup the text within the language in a certain way.


HTML is mainly used to create web pages.
HTML is commonly used in websites to display video, audio and/or text content. In case you want to develop device-specific applications for products like Smart TVs, then HTML is the language of choice.

HTML gives web content structure and meaning. Web browsers like Chrome or Firefox then display HTML documents after reading them.

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