The full form of HTC stands for High Tech Computer, it is now popularly known as just HTC. The company was founded in 1997 in Taiyuan city, by (Cher Wang) the daughter of one of the richest people in Taiwan.

Despite being the first company in the market to produce the first Android smartphone, HTC, has encountered a number of challenges, that brought the company to the brink of shutting down. However, that did not happen because their first success came in the form of a mobile computer in 2000 ordered by Compaq. It is in 2002 that it creates its first wireless and pocket PCs based off of Microsoft’s OS, this attracts more attention to the company.

HTC phones offer its users both the Android and windows system. It used to offer its designs to be rebranded and sold by other companies. What it did was create a base design, gives it a code name and offers it away, kind of ghostwriting but with gadgets.

2006, HTC tired of taking the back seat with its own design started offering products with its own name on it. It introduces a new smartphone with the then-new Windows 5.0 operating system. This move gave the company the boost it needed as people like their great user interface and sleek design.

HTC has come a long way and still offers some of the greatest smartphones and tablets with unique designs and features. It still remains relevant in the market and its customer base growing each year. The High Tech Computer Cooperation company sure does live up to its name, always making sure it’s ahead of the game, giving its competitors something to work towards.

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