The full form of GPS meaning is Global Positioning System, GPS is a system of satalites used to find the position of a object on the ground and is owned by the USA government.

All of us have heard of GPS or the Global Positioning System but are not clear about how it works. For the uninitiated, it is a network of thirty satellites at an altitude of 20,000 km orbiting the Earth.

The United States government initially developed this system for military navigation. Today, anyone having a GPS device, whether a handheld GPS unit, mobile phone or SatNav can receive the radio signals broadcasted by the satellites.

At any point in time, minimum of four GPS Satellites are “visible” irrespective of wherever you are on the Earth. Information is transmitted by each one about its current time and position at regular intervals.

These signals travel at the speed of light and GPS receivers available with us intercepts them, calculating how far away each satellite is depending on the time taken for the messages to arrive.

Once information on the distance of at least three satellites is received, the GPS receiver available with you can pinpoint your location. The process of doing so is referred to as Trilateration.

GPS Trilateration

Wherever you are standing on the Planet Earth, at least three satellites in the sky are circling above you. If you get to find out the distance Satellite A is from you, then you can find your present location reasonably quickly.

When the same is done with satellite B or C, it becomes more comfortable for pinpointing your exact location which is the place where three circles intersect.

This is the way how the GPS receiver available with your works to show you your current position. The accuracy of GPS Unit increases with a higher number of satellites available above the horizon.

Uses of GPS

GPS technologies present a lot of advantages and uses for us. Our imagination is the only limitation when it comes to optimal utilization of this technology. These extremely versatile systems have been found in use in an extensive range of industrial sectors.

Right from mapping forests or helping farmers harvesting their fields to the navigation of airplanes in the air or ground is done relying on the Global positioning system. Using this technology, missing or lost people who need assistance can be located. Some of the significant applications of this system are-

Navigation- Identifying one location from another
Location- Helps in the determination of the position
Mapping- Helps in creating global maps
Tracking- Helps in monitoring personal movement or a general object
Timing- Helps to find the precise timing to the world

GPS Applications

GPS Systems and its applications are predominantly used in sectors like aviation, mining, marine, agriculture, military, and recreation. Professionals like scientists, doctors, soldiers, farmers, hikers, pilots, sailors, delivery drivers, dispatchers, fisherman, athletes and many others make use of these technologically superior and advanced systems in making their work more efficient, safer, easier and productive.


These incredibly versatile systems are found to be used across various industrial sectors. Its use has brought about a revolution in the field of irrigation helping farmers in harvesting their fields. It has also helped the military step up its service efficiency.

Its use in locating missing or lost people has also proved to be quite beneficial. It is for this reason, our reliance on this technology has grown exponentially and made our lives simpler and more comfortable.

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