The full form of GPRS is General Packet Radio Services.

What’s the uses of this service?

G.P.R.S is a type of packet data service that transfers through channels. In reality G.P.R.S provides internet connection. A mobile that has a GSM SIM can use this service.

Through this G.P.R.S you can send photos and files. Your emails can also be checked by you.

How does this work?

First of all, you need to have the permission of your SIM service provider. They will send you the settings for this G.P.R.S. Then you can connect your phone to the internet.

The data is transfered from one address to the other in a packet mode.

The modern G.P.S system or the global positioning system is based on this G.P.R.S technology.

The Bluetooth technology that allows wireless data transfer, is also a part of this technology.

This G.P.R.S technology allows a faster data transfer all around the world and it’s a simple & hassle free communication.

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