GNU is an abbreviation for “GNU’s Not Unix” The GNU system is a completely free operating software system that is friendly with Unix. Richard Stallman first announced it in September 1983. Since then, it has been decoded into various languages.

This name was preferred since it was a real word and fun to sing or say, and was a recursive shortening for “GNU’s Not Unix”.

The software is free, meaning it comes with a lot of to freedom. It doesn’t necessarily mean that GNU software is free. When using it, the user has the freedom to run the program as they wish. They can also copy the program and distribute it to co-workers and friends. Additionally, this software allows the users to alter it as they may wish, through providing full access to the source code.

This program uses a kernel, which is a Unix-like system that assigns machine properties and gives commands to the hardware. GNU is usually used together with a kernel named Linux, a combination of the GNU and Linux operating system. Though millions use it, many people mistake by calling it Linux.

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