Computer Full Form Is

Frequently Operated Machine Used in Technical and Educational Research.

C= Common
O= Oriented
M= Machine
P= Particularly
U= United and used under
T= Technical and
E= Educational
R= Research

Computer Hardware

ATA: Advanced Technology Attachment

AMD: Advanced Micro Devices

ATX: Advanced Technology Extended

CD ROM: Compact Disc Read Only Memory

CD RW: Compact Disc Rewritable

CPU: Central Processing Unit

CD: Compact Disc

DVD R: Digital Video Disc Recordable

DDR RAM: Double Data-Rate Random Access Memory

DVD: Digital Versatile Disc

DVD ROM: Digital Video Disc-Random Access Memory

DVD RW: Digital Video Disc Rewritable

DDR: Double Data Rate

HDMI: High Definition Media Interface

IDE: Integrated Drive Electronics

LCD: Liquid Crystal Display

LED: Light Emitting Diode

RAM: Random Access Memory

ROM: Read Only Memory

HDD: Hard Disk Drive

FDD: Floppy Disk Drive

PCI: Peripheral Component Interconnect

SSD: Solid State Disk

SMPS: Switch Mode Power Supply

USB: Universal Serial Bus

VGA: Video Graphics Array

VRAM: Video Random Access Memory

Computer Network

FTP: File Transfer Protocol

GPRS: General Packet Radio System

GSM: Global System For Mobile Communications

IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol

LAN: Local Area Network

IP: Internet Protocol

IPConfig: Internet Protocol Configuration

MAC: Media Access Control

PPTP: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol

Netbios: Networked Basic Input Output System

Netbeui: Networked Basic Input/Output System Extended User Interface

SMTP: Simple Mail Transport Protocol

VPN: Virtual Private Network

WAN: Wide Area Network

WAP: Wireless Application Protocol

WIFI: Wireless Fidelity

WLAN: Wireless Local Area Network


PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

XML: Extensible Markup Language

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets

SASS: Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets

JS: JavaScript

AJAX: Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

PERL: Practical Extraction and Reporting Language

UI: User Interface

UX: User Experience

ASP: Active Server Pages

RSS: Really Simple Syndication

SQL: Structured Query Language

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTPS: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Over Secure Sockets Layer

More Full Forms

FAT12: 12-Bit File Allocation Table

TB: Terabyte

MHz: Megahertz

MP3: Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3 Audio

MPEG: Moving Picture Experts Group

MSconfig: Microsoft Configuration

NTFS: New Technology File System

NTLDR: New Technology Loader

OMR: Optical Mark Recognition

RGB: Red Green Blue



API: Application Programming Interfaces

BIOS: Basic Input/Output System

CMOS: Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

DNS: Domain Name Service Or Domain Name Server

DPI: Dots Per Inch

DVI: Digital Visual Interface

FAT: File Allocation Table

FAT32: 32-Bit File Allocation Table

FPS: Frame Per Second

EMI: Electromagnetic Interference

GB: Gigabyte

GBps: Gigabytes per second

GHz: Gigahertz

GUI: Graphical User Interface

I/O: Input & Output

Mbps: Mega Bytes Per second

KBps: Kilo Bytes Per Second

KB: Kilobyte

MB: Megabyte

GB: Gigabyte

PC: Personal Computer

OS: Operating System

FAT16: 16-Bit File Allocation Table

VDU: Visible Display Unit

XGA: Extended Graphics Array

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