FTP is the abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol
that is designed to transfer files via the internet. The files that are stored on
the FTP server are accessed through an FTP client such as a command line
interface, FTP software program, or a web browser.

The FTP may be configured to allow various types of access. If it is configured as an anonymous FTP, it allows anyone to access the files stored, but in most cases, some users may not be allowed to access certain directories and may not upload new files. If the anonymous access is disabled, the user is required to log in before they can access the files stored on the FTP. 

In order to connect to an FTP server, you are required to submit the server name and the port number. In any case, the server name begins with “ftp” for instance, ftp.example.com. To get complete access to the server you may be required to enter the username and the password as well.

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