People curse at things when they are disappointed. One of those which will not only send you cursing but also kicking is central heating systems which break down in winter. It is certain that you will want to blame the manufacturer but if you look into it properly, you will realize that your system is only broken because of your negligence. Below are some central heating tips for winter to keep you warm.

Service your boiler before winter begins 

Boilers break down because they have not been serviced for a lengthy period of time. You do not have to wait for the snap before calling in a professional to check your entire system for faults. This is especially true when winter is just approaching. As you make other preparations for the cold season, be sure to service your boiler.

Consider power flushing

If your heating system is old, there is a high likelihood that it has blocked pipes. In such a condition, your system will be inefficient because its radiators are incapable of heating correctly. Power flushing is a technique used to get rid of cold spots on your radiators which are caused by the black sludge which has been accumulating in your system over its lifetime. Essentially, water and chemicals are pumped through your radiators to flush out any dirt which could have accumulated. Power flushing not only makes your system efficient and working as good as new but also saves you a lot of money which would otherwise have been spent on energy bills; an inefficient system consumes a lot of energy.

Set your boiler thermostat to maximum 

It helps to turn up your thermostat settings to maximum when it is really cold. You can let it stay at maximum for the whole of winter and only turn it back to its usual settings when it begins getting warm again. Note that the thermostat you are supposed to set at maximum is the one which is actually on your boiler and not a room thermostat. Turning up a thermostat means that the heat levels in your house will go up and consequently, you can enjoy a comfortable interior.

Run your central heating system at constant settings

Apart from turning up your thermostat to maximum, you might also want to keep your system running at the constant setting (24hr). This is not the best way to save energy as a constant setting consumes more than when the system is running at timer settings. However, it would come in handy as a temporary measure to help you live comfortably in winter. With this technique, it might be necessary to turn down your room thermostat a little bit.

Keep your condensate pipes from freezing

In places where temperatures go to extremes, your boiler will perform inefficiently if its condensate pipe is frozen. If you realize that something of this sort is happening, insulate the condensate pipe so that it does not freeze. You can wrap around it using towels and rugs or alternatively get foam insulation from a local home improvement store.

For servicing and power flushing, look for a competent professional to do it for you. It is not advisable to fondle with your central heating system if you do not know a thing about it.

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