ENIAC was the very first electronic computer that was used in many purposes which included solving some numerical problems, and it is the abbreviate word for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. John Mauchly and John Presper Eckert from the University of Pennsylvania were the ones who invented ENIAC for the aim of calculating the artillery firing tables in the U.S A army’s State of Ballistic Research Laboratory.

The History Of ENIAC

John Mauchly and Presper John Eckert were partnered with the military commission to create the ENIAC computer on 31st May 1943. Eckert was by then a graduate of Pennsylvania University under the Electrical Engineering school when he met with John Mauchly in the same 1943 year.

The team used almost a year in designing the ENIAC and more than eighteen months with $0.5 million which was tax money in creating ENIAC. The machine was then turned on officially in 1945 November when there was no more war. Although they never lost everything since the military had to put ENIAC at work, designing various hydrogen bomb, cosmic rays studying, performing some calculations, thermal ignition, whether predicting, wind-tunnel designs, and random number studying.

Mauchly and Eckert later developed the ENIAC in 1946. The research was sponsored by American Military since it needed a computer to help them calculating some artillery-firing tables, such settings were used as different forms of weapons due to various conditions to be accurate.

Since the military branch was the most responsible in the tables calculations, Ballistic Research Laboratory was then interested when it heard about the research of Mauchly and Eckert in Moore school. Some calculating machines had been created previously by Maulchy in 1942, so they started to design the better machines for calculations from John Atanasoff work who was an inventor that used vacuum tubes in speeding up the calculations.

ENIAC patent was then filed around 1947 where the patent expert filed it on 26th of June.

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