EEPROM is the word abbreviated for Electrical Erasable Programmable Read only Memory which is the non-volatile memory that is used some electronic devices and computers for storing small data amount. EEPROM may be reprogrammed and erased using the electrical charge application.

How EEPROM Works

The EPROMs happen to be the best step ahead from the original PROM when referred in reusability terms, and they need some dedicated equipment together with some labor-intensive process for removing and reinstalling them anytime they need some changes. As for the EPROM, the changes cannot be incrementally made since its whole chip need to be erased. The Electrically Erased Programmable Read-only Memory is used in removing the major drawbacks of the EPROM.

The EEPROM chips do the following;
• They don’t require being removed and installed all the time for them to be rewritten.
• Not all of the chip that needs to be erased for some portion of it to be changed.
• When you need to change some content on the chip, it doesn’t need any additional special equipment.

Instead of using UV lights, the electronics can be returned to the EEPROM cell which is normal with the localized application of the electrical field of every cell. It then erases EPROM target cells that may be rewritten at any time. The EEPROMs are changed together at a byte in every time, that makes them be more versatile despite being slow. However, using EEPROM in various products are used very slowly which makes changes very quickly on the data that has been stored on those chips.

The producers have responded to the flash memory limitation, the EEPROM type which uses in-circuit wiring in erasing through applying the electrical field towards the whole chip and in predetermining the chip section which is known as blocks. The flash memory is a solution to EEPROM since it writes the data in the chunks.

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