Edp is short for Electronic Data Processing and is additionally alluded to as automatic data processing (ADP), This is only an equivalent word for MIS (Management Information services or frameworks) or IS (Information Services or systems).

It alludes to using PC systems to the preparing of – business data, storing reports, exchanging data from paper into advanced format with the utilization of a computer including electronic communication. In basic words, it is a procedure containing three stages which are as per the following:

Input: The data is entered through information gadgets like, digitizer, keyboard, scanner and so forth.

Processing: The data is controlled through programming software that generally incorporates interpretation, code application, formula, and encryption and so on.

Output: The data that has been processed is passed to the client as audio-visual, reports, audio and so on.

Edp is a reliable, fast and faultless data processing system that is capable of processing any volume of data.

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