As DVI points to the interface, it is essentially a connection from the source component, such as a video card, equipped with a DVI, DVD player, cable or satellite TV decoder with DVI functions to a video projector, such as an LCD panel. Or high-definition screen. Ideally, digital video signal should be sent directly via DVI connectors to ensure good image quality and high definition. Any conversion to analog signals during transmission will result in reduced display quality.

DVI means (digital visual interface) and thoug it may seem a bit boring, it’s basically a standard set of visual interfaces. Hardware manufacturers, display products and application developers who rely on good visual production, as well as the consumer market as a whole, we call this common style. To move from analog days to digital experience, a consortium of related industries has been formed to meet these challenges. The desire to provide the maximum enjoyment of home entertainment, movies and games is more than enough reason to look for the best DVI technology. Although DVI is involved in the HDTV industry, its focus is now on the computer market.

There are three types of DVI (digital optical interface) formats with corresponding connectors. First, determine if your devices are equipped with DVI functions. Suppose you want to connect an LCD computer. Assuming you are ready for DVI, you need to use a DVI-Digital cable for direct connection. This provides the speed of transferring digital data from source to screen. Because the data is not converted from digital to analog, the result is a high-quality display. Because the data is not compressed, this type of cable can also support a large amount of data transfer.

Assuming you have a DVI from source or display, you’ll need an analog DVI cable to connect your computer to an LCD DVI monitor that can only support VGA. Since there is a need to convert digital video to analog video, some loss of display quality is inevitable. The best choice when choosing a cable is an integrated DVI cable that supports digital signal transmission to analog and digital to analog. Thus, their diversity allows for use in most, if not all, situations.

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