DVD-R means (Digital Versatile Disc-Recordable) and has no difference in appearance to the conventional DVD. Similarly to the common CD-R, you see around, it is designed in such a way that you can record data but for a single time. Once burning has been done terns it has been written, no more writing can be done to it. Note that the capacity of the data it can hold differ from one DVD-R to another.

A single-sided standard DVD-R has the capacity to hold data of approximately 4.8 gigabytes while a double -sides standard DVD-R can hold data approximately 9.5 gigabytes. Remember this is possible since dual layer recording can be done to the DVD-R although there are additional charges due to the increased data storage capacity created.

Among all other types of DVDs, the most popular type is the DVD-R due to its usability flexibility and its high compatibility with many DVDs players as compared to the DVD+R.

Since burning a DVD-R is possible, that is it can be written though for once, that means it can be used to store and back up some programs and important date of numerous gigabytes sizes on your personal computer.

Again you can create your personal video DVD and save a great size of interesting videos. This video can be played with most of the DVD players available hence a DVD-R is very recommended if you are interested in creating videos. Many computers support the DVD-R format.

Most of the prevailing DVD-R decoders are supporting dual-layer technology hence videos recorded in these DVD-R can be played at home. Though the technology is a bit expensive than the single – layer DVD-R

DVD-R dual-layer discs are the best recommend due to their ability to hold a large amount of data as a result of the improved capacity of possible data that can be recorded. This technology is also compatible with backward decoding where the data can be transferred from the disk to another data storage device.

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