DTP means Desktop Publishing and is the innovative way to digitize and format data (text and image) that appear on static and dynamic Web pages, as well as anywhere on your computer.

The scope of desktop publishing is not limited to text alone and does not only include this. In fact, technology has leaped forward after many indexing and desktop publishing programs have begun to dominate the software market.

The scanning technique has become very simple and a breeze with the advent of this high-end desktop publishing software, namely QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Corel Draw, Photoshop, etc.

Desktop publishing includes both design and typing. The innovative range of software packages gives typists an advantage in typing and organizing images in relation to the text that will be included in the final publication.

DTP has become a thriving industry due to the diversity of eLearning domains, which have also been enhanced by localization and outsourcing. This result is hordes of job opportunities that swarm from time to time.

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