When it comes to cameras, the abbreviation DSLR, which stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex often pops up.

A DSLR camera is a type of camera that process digital images different from traditional SLR cameras. The difference between DSLR cameras and the SLR cameras is that SLR cameras capture and then record images on a film while DSLR cameras capture and record the image on a digital storage device such as a memory card.

Modern-day DSLR cameras have a number of advantages over traditional SLR cameras, some of which include the shutter speed. Majority of DSLR cameras possess shutter speeds of less than 1/3000th of a second.

DSLR cameras are known for being beginner friendly, due to the fact that they prevent the wastage of films by allowing the preview of images by the photographer.

DSLR cameras also allow the photographer to store pictures in the range of thousands on the digital storage device such as a memory card instead of being able to hold only 36 photographs on a single film such as in an SLR camera.

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