Dram means Dynamic random access memory, The growth rate of the semiconductor industry reached thirty percent this year, which resulted in breaking records from the last ten years. Under the influence of the growing PC industry, the growth rate of the semiconductor industry next year will be just five percent, and communication products will become the driving force of the entire industry. The ratio of communication products will increase to thirty percent next year. With the advent of a smartphone, the importance of DRAM flash memory and NAND memory will also increase.

Regarding the manufacturing process for silicon wafers and the DRAM industry, they have increased by 40 percent and eighty percent this year. However, next year, the growth rate will amount to 5.5%, because the global economy is reviving and the base year is already very high. Taiwan’s producers are near new emerging countries; That’s why developing low-cost products is also a good direction for them. 2010 is the best year for the entire DRAM industry; That is why the rank of Korean producers is growing.

Although this device gives you lots of memory options, some DRAM companies are still worried about this device. First, the amount of DRAM memory used by tablets. Many attractive tablets have been presented at this year’s consumer electronics fair. They have 1 GB of mobile DRAM memory, which is smaller than last year. What’s more, many computers use expensive DRAMs, and everything else uses an ARM or DRAM-type commodity type microprocessor. The advantage of the type of product is low, so this trend can be detrimental to DRAM companies.

To meet the demand for mobile devices such as smartphones, mobile DRAM memory has been released in recent years. In addition, there are also challenges in the phone’s memory. Energy consumption should be low and the capacity should be high; Therefore, DRAM mobile memory can be a new power for high-level processing. With the emergence of cloud computing, smartphones deliver all kinds of information to the data center for the best results. The roles played by mobile DRAM and NAND FLASH will be more important.

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