DP simply stands for “Display Picture“, If you are a fan of social networking, then the word “dp” is not a new word to you. Yet, most people even the social net-workers don’t know what dp stands for. I remember the first time i heard the word dp, i couldn’t ask for the fear of being foolish.

Although i knew what it meant but i didn’t know the actual long form of it. I know that if i was able to do a thorough research, i would find lots of people of my type. Although time has past since i found out what it stood for, and i also learn’t that there is nothing wrong with asking.

DP the abbreviation was used to refer to the picture displayed on your profile. When you create most accounts these days, you will find an option to add a photo on your profile.

The photo added is what we call dp (display picture). This photo is simply for identity purposes, it is usually displayed in addition to your information. The dp was created in order to simplify the process of networking. It’s easier to get along with a person you already have an idea of their appearance.

The display picture also serves a security to online users. Although this is not so much helpful, since people can use any display picture they choose. Generally dp is helpful for identification purposes, during networking. So once you hear this dp abbreviation this time, you shouldn’t be surprised.

In order to ensure that your dp is great make sure that;

The size fits perfectly.

The picture is bright enough to be seen perfectly.

The picture should not be abusive.

With these considerations, you will be able to have a perfect display picture for your profile. Remember that you can always change the display picture, when you have a better one.

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