Most of the disadvantages of using computer networks, rather than an autonomous computer, revolve around the complexity and cost of these networks. While there are many undisputed advantages for computer networks, networks also create a set of defects.

Costs related to the computer network may be large The initial setup can be costly and includes cable or wireless technology to enable communication between computer stations. Once the network is operational, it usually requires a dedicated service for at least one employee, in addition to special training for the use of other employees.

Networking can be a big advantage inventory is that programs and files easily, but it means that the same ability that the server disconnected will not work on the network. Viruses can spread quickly over the network.

Network speed and efficiency are usually affected by the number of signed users at any time, the type of work they do, and the type of files they can store. This slows down the network with more users. If users watch videos, listen to music or handle large files, they can slow down the network to everyone. Saving large files can also lead to a lack of storage space.

The cost

One of the biggest disadvantages of communication is its cost. Installing network devices at the enterprise level can cost thousands of dollars, and even simple tools such as the modem router can be a significant burden for small businesses. In addition to hardware costs, networks typically require periodic maintenance and professionals may also need to design the network in the first place. In both cases, organizations must either hire new employees or hire contractors, which can significantly increase the total cost of the network.

Policing Usage

By providing users with Internet connectivity, unwanted behavior can arise. The internet has online gaming sites that can be shown to attract employees during working hours. A large device network can encourage users to engage in practices such as illegal files or instant messaging instead of working.

List of disadvantages

Buying the computer cable and servers can be very expensive.

Viruses can spread to other computers throughout a computer network.

People can hack your computer.

It encourages people to become dependent on computers.

It comes with the risk of security issues.

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