DBMS is a technology term that simply means database management system. In other words , it connotes software programs in a computer which manage and control the creation, maintenance and protection of the database in computers. This system aids in developing of mobile application by providing database to various application through the use of specialists developers as well as database administrators. Database compiles all files, records, and other types of information which are structured and stored in a computer.

DBMS was launched during 1960’s to preserve any amount and type of information. It provides much services concerning the control of date, insertion as well as data update. In addition, this system is used in revising and defining of database. The system concretely creates, maintains and extracts desired data. However, DBMS stores information in two forms namely; navigational and hierarchical form. It therefore acts as a link between the database and application program by ensuring that data in the computer is well preserved and organised making it easily retrieved and accessed.

The database management system controls three vital things in a computer; The data which is the information to be stored, the database engine and database schema. Most DBMS also are used in data recovery, restarts, logging and auditing of various tasks. DBMS is known to cater for many users in different locations by providing centralized information which is easily accessible. It is capable of limiting the amount of information available to the end user as well as the means in which the end user get the data, consequently supplying many views of the database logical structure.

Since DBMS controls all requests, the software programs and end users are provided for free in terms of data storage and the type of storage media. DBMS protects both physical and logical data. It provides the API for use in the database thus, any changes made to the database will not interfere with the programs.

DBMS comes with all advantages of managing and controlling data. Central storage and management of data provides good accessibility to the users.

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