COBOL is the highest programming language level which in full means Common Business Oriented Language that has been designed in various applications of the businesses. Among the oldest programming languages, COBOL is the second oldest which was jointly created with the U.S government-private sector for the aim of fulfilling some objectives which are: readability and profitability.

Such language programming is very great in large computers business applications. Their programs are meant for using regular English language with spelling out everything clearly that makes the language easy to be understood and longer when compared to such programs that are in other languages form.

History Of COBOL

COBOL was at first invented during the 1950s by Grace Hopper. Before, every computer maker was forced in using their language for the computer to function. The DoD (Defense Department) are forced to buy many computers from various buyers; hence they adopted COBOL very quickly since it is capable of running many computers from various manufacturers.

COBOL then underwent some improvements and updates from 1960. COBOL has got other revisions produced by the ANSI like COBOL-68, COBOL-2002, COBOL-85, and COBOL-74. The normal COBOL format doesn’t have new system support anymore which makes it called legacy language.

Characteristics Of COBOL

• COBOL has large applications.
• COBOL has a long lifespan.
• Applications of COBOL may deal with large data volumes.
• It is easy understanding the COBOL applications.
• Applications of COBOL are portable; hence they can be used with every computer.
• It is easy maintaining COBOL applications.
• COBOL allows word-connector characters and long names characters as well.
• COBOL language is self-documenting which offers visual languages for programming.
• COBOL languages are possible to be integrated with world wide web.
• Bugs in COBOL can easily be resolved.

Usage Of COBOL

COBOL is mostly applied in larger organizations which include Government, Military, USA Banks, and even in Businesses that are in Large Scales.

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