CDMA stands for Code division multiple access and is a frequency access technique that allows usage by various radio communicating devices. It allows several signals to take one transmission media hence maximizing the use of an existing bandwidth.

CDMA technology is mostly used in ultra-high-frequency (UHF) telephone structures. To avoid interference among users, CDMA uses spread spectrum tools and a coding scheme where each user is assigned a unique code.

CDMA technology is mostly used as the access mode in the majority of the cellular phone standards, the IS-95 which is commonly referred to as the CDMAOne.

CDMA technology is also used in the Qualcomm standard CDMA2000 which is utilized by many mobile phone manufacturing companies.

Another instance that CDMA technology has been employed is in the OmniTracs satellite system which is mainly used by logistics companies.

CDMA was also employed in designing the Global Positioning System (GPS). This was one of the first applications in which the technology was applied and was different from the use in the mobile phone.

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